Bigman Wallsaver

9930 Stallion Saddle

9930 Bigman Wallsaver

The name says it all! This “Big Man” wallsaver was designed to accommodate larger and/or taller body types. It delivers top level comfort in an attractive product which is made to handle the job at hand. Oversized dimensions for maximum comfort and durability.

9930-SS Stallion Saddle Bigman Wallsaver  42″L x 44″D x 49″H


  • Six sinuous no sag support
  • Trigger style reclining release
  • Deeper set to accommodate the taller person
  • Lifetime mechanism warranty
  • Extra stabilizer bar that travel across from arm to arm and is bolted to both arms and seat box
Stallion Saddle:
Fabric Content: 100% Polyester
Cleaning Code: S